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Erected: 1917
Renovations/Additions: 1967
Sq. Footage: 99,232

Named after James K. Mosser, an Allentown industrialist with a keen interest in education, Mosser Elementary School opened in 1917. Mosser co-owned the Lehigh Brick Works and the Mosser and Keck tannery; he also was a major donor to the first Allentown General Hospital. An addition was added in 1969, giving Mosser a separate auditorium, cafeteria and gymnasium, unique features for an elementary school. Throughout the years, Mosser has served students in grades K-8 on the east side of the city.

Mosser Woods
The Mosser Woods is an outdoor environmental education center located on 23 acres of Pennsylvania woodlands, directly behind Mosser School. Mosser Woods provides opportunities for students and teachers alike to enjoy the great outdoors. The woods features woodland and wetland habitats, 2.5 miles of hiking trails, and a variety of educational programs. Mosser Woods was developed through a partnership with PPL and various local, state, and federal agencies. The Woods has been in use since August of 1994.

Mosser Woods Features

  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Historical and Native Trees
  • Bird Watching
  • Scenic Overlooks
  • Organic Gardening
  • Natural Resource Recycling

Rules of Behavior

  • Stay on the trails at all times
  • Leave the site the way you found it.
  • Do not pick flowers or remove leaves from trees
  • Handle all collected specimens with care and always return them to their original habitat
  • Avoid loud talking and other disruptive noises.

Remember, the most important members of the Mosser Woods community are the plants and animals that live there. Remember that we are their guests and should treat them and their homes with respect. All facilities are handicap accessible.